Be A Guy With Magic Hands In Bed

how to play with clitorisEvery girl wants a man who knows what he’s doing with his hands. Guys with magic hands always know how to please the ladies. The key is to being the king of playing with her clit. By getting into a rhythm and using some lube, she should be moaning and screaming in no time. Follow these tips so you can Be a Guy with Magic Hands.

Warm Up is Key

Before going below the belt, spend some time getting her warmed up. Make out, rub yourself all over her, or do whatever it takes to get her going. The more you tease her, the more she’ll want your hands.

Also, if she’s not all worked up, then clitoral contact can hurt. Play with her clit before sex to get her ready for action.

The Clit is Your Friend

Once she’s wet, add some lube to her clit and make a round motion with your fingers. Build on the speed you use, but don’t make it too aggressive. Keep a close eye on how she reacts while you’re playing with her. If all else fails, you can try mutual masturbation, and she can show you what she prefers.

Find the G-spot

Once you’ve finished playing with her clit, insert your fingers into her vagina and do a “come hither” motion with your fingers. By doing this motion, you will hit her G-spot. As for which fingers to use, it depends on what she likes. Try using your middle finger in a fluid motion, or several fingers. Play around and see what works for her. Depending on how she reacts, you can stick to clitoral stimulation or keep going for the G-spot. (If you not sure where the G-Spot is then read this article)

Double Stimulation

If she likes the work you’re doing with both her clit and G-spot, you should try both at the same time. This double stimulation can be quite pleasurable for her. Another technique you can try is using each of your hands at once. To master this, use one hand for the clit while using the other hand to pleasure the G-spot. All of these techniques together will help her orgasm.

These techniques can be quite helpful, but it is crucial to listen to how she reacts to your touch. If she is making pleasurable sounds, keep using the technique you’re using, and pay attention to what she says to you, like if she wants it faster or slower.

Once you figure out just what works for her, surprise her by making her orgasm with either a clitoral, G-spot or combined touch. Her pleasure is ultimately in your hands (literally).


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