Adventures In The Bedroom: Tips For First Time Bondage

first time bondage kitsNo man will deny a woman if they say they want to try bondage. Even though it’s an exciting thing that every man wants to hear, it can also be a nerve wrecking experience for first timers. Here are some tips on How to Try Bondage for the First Time.

Experimenting with Bondage

If you want to start off by using a tie, don’t use your typical everyday tie. Find one that is specifically made for bondage. There are also many First Time Bondage Kits out there on the market as a way for you to get started. Most kits come equipped with restraints for wrists and ankles, and ties that you can use to bond your partner to the bed or any other place that comes to mind. Bondage is a thrilling world of possibilities, so you’ll want to be creative.

Be Fully Prepared

Most women have fantasized about bondage at some point. They’ll want to trust their partner while they are being dominated. If you ask her and she is game, you have to be prepared. Come equipped with the right gear, [Read more…]

Be A Guy With Magic Hands In Bed

how to play with clitorisEvery girl wants a man who knows what he’s doing with his hands. Guys with magic hands always know how to please the ladies. The key is to being the king of playing with her clit. By getting into a rhythm and using some lube, she should be moaning and screaming in no time. Follow these tips so you can Be a Guy with Magic Hands.

Warm Up is Key

Before going below the belt, spend some time getting her warmed up. Make out, rub yourself all over her, or do whatever it takes to get her going. The more you tease her, the more she’ll want your hands.

Also, if she’s not all worked up, then clitoral contact can hurt. Play with her clit before sex to get her ready for action.

The Clit is Your Friend

Once she’s wet, add some lube to her clit and make a round motion with your fingers. [Read more…]

The Secret To A G-Spot Orgasm

The G-spot orgasm is the key to sexual pleasure for women. While some question its existence, most women will tell you that finding it can open up a whole world of pleasure. If you want to know the Secret to Giving a G-spot Orgasm, these tips should help.

Find the G-spot

how to find a g-spotYou can locate the G-spot approximately two inches inside the vagina, on top of the vaginal wall. Once you find it, you’ll know because it is shaped like a bean.

The best way to find your woman’s G-spot is with your fingers, and when she’s currently aroused. You’ll want to make sure your partner is turned on before finding the G-Spot.

How to Pleasure It

Fingers are more powerful at stimulating the G-spot. A penis has many other uses, but finding the G-spot is not one of them. To pleasure the G-spot, put two fingers inside her vagina with your palm facing upwards. [Read more…]