How Long To Wait To Text A Girl

How Long To Wait To Text A GirlWhen you get a phone number, you may be wondering how long you should wait until you text the girl. Most guys buy into the myth that you should wait to text a girl, but I’m here to set the record straight. If you text a girl right after you meet her at the bar the same night, chances are she’ll come meet you.

Think about it. If you’ve started texting her while she’s at the bar right after you’ve left, she’ll be intrigued that she has someone to talk to when she’s spending time with her friends. She’s likely to meet up with you later when the night is over. If you keep the conversation witty and fun, then you are even more likely to get laid.

After putting my research into practice by getting tons of phone numbers and experimenting with different messages, I found that texting can be a great way to get a girl to meet up with you. The more charming you are, the better.

Don’t undermine the art of the text message. It can make or break your odds of going home with somebody.



  1. warren010h says

    5:24 “WHO ARE YOU WITH” xD i cant lie, ive sent a few of those texts…but
    as you said, gotta get “control of your self”. Something ive been working
    on over the past couple weeks. Great video/advice once again man!!

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