Male Enhancement


  1. Jason P says

    wo wo wo wo, so what you are saying is…. that is I listen to your voice
    once a day, for about a month…. my (lower parts) will grow? WHERE DO I
    SIGN! lol jk

  2. james dean says

    Has this REALLY worked on anyone. I mean, enhanced the size of their penis?
    This audio was great to listen to. i felt relaxed, calm with a feeling of
    well-being, but will it give me a bigger dick? Erm, I’m skeptical, but,
    hey, time will tell. i’ll see in a month lol 

  3. Yeezus... says

    Initially, I didn’t seem phased (as in I felt I was fully in control) but
    when you said I “sleep”, I felt completely limp and a pleasant vibration in
    my brain. Following that was a warmth that spread throughout my body. I
    feel amazed that this had an effect. Thank you

  4. ForsakenMemories45 says

    Shortly after activating the pituitary gland, I felt intense warm from my
    head to my pelvic region. It startled me at first, but I accepted it as
    progress. Thank you for everything mistress!

  5. Sweetcheeks Babycakes says

    Ahh, male enhancement!?! Whoops, I’m outta here! [squeals in abject terror
    and runs away like a total sissy]

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