The Secret To A G-Spot Orgasm

The G-spot orgasm is the key to sexual pleasure for women. While some question its existence, most women will tell you that finding it can open up a whole world of pleasure. If you want to know the Secret to Giving a G-spot Orgasm, these tips should help.

Find the G-spot

how to find a g-spotYou can locate the G-spot approximately two inches inside the vagina, on top of the vaginal wall. Once you find it, you’ll know because it is shaped like a bean.

The best way to find your woman’s G-spot is with your fingers, and when she’s currently aroused. You’ll want to make sure your partner is turned on before finding the G-Spot.

How to Pleasure It

Fingers are more powerful at stimulating the G-spot. A penis has many other uses, but finding the G-spot is not one of them. To pleasure the G-spot, put two fingers inside her vagina with your palm facing upwards. Then you’ll want to use a massaging motion with your fingertips. Another great tip on stroking the G-spot is by using your other hand to press on the abdomen. This bit of pressure can excite your partner by stimulating the G-spot even further.

Let the Orgasm Happen

When she’s about to orgasm, a common reaction is having the urge to pee. If she is feeling this sensation, tell her not to fight it. It is impossible for her to pee, and she’ll have the best orgasm of her life.

Have you ever given a life-changing G-spot orgasm? Tell us, how was it for you and for her?


  1. Lisa Van Dyne says

    The tummy trick is always nice and adds an extra something! Most men don’t
    know about it but if you tell them they’re happy to play :D

  2. mspixiedust100 says

    Guys, please don’t just stick your fingers in there and just start going
    crazy. It is kind of a delicate area.

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